Psychology & Spirituality

Exploration of key relationships between depression, anxiety and divine discontent presenting in clients.

Our Privacy Policy

In the case of the Privacy Act (Amendment 2000): 
Wholeness Training will not disclose any information that we gather about our staff, clients or students to any third party. We use the information collected only for the services we provide. No staff, client or student information is shared with another organisation. If staff or client information is required by a third party we will obtain written consent from the relevant staff, client or student prior to release of any information. 
Should staff or clients seek access to their information we have a documented procedure requiring authorisation before this can occur. 
Under the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 Wholeness Training is bound to ensure that any information gathered about students is securely stored and cannot and will not be disclosed to any third party without your written permission. 

Wholeness Training collects information about students to:

a)  Enrol them, requiring information be stored in our database to maintain records in accordance with the Privacy Act. 

b)  Administer and manage Professional and in-house qualifications and award certifications. 

c)  Administer training and development activities and facilitate operations the training and administration departments. 

d)  Provide records to internal and external auditors and service providers for the purpose of conducting our business. 

For the purpose of conducting our business we may disclose your details to:

a)  Regulatory authorities for the purpose of auditing and reporting. 

b)  Staff members of Wholeness Training
c) Law enforcement agencies or Government authorities where it may be necessary to protect the interests of staff and students or to report illegal activities.

Students are entitled to access a copy of their personal records in accordance with Government rulings and legislation. Upon receipt of a written request to the Responsible Officer the records will be issued. If any information is found to be inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, amendments will be made upon receipt of receiving written notification from the student. Questions or concerns about personal information should be directed to the Responsible Officer or administration. 

Continuing Professional Development

For Psychologists, Counsellors and those in the helping professions.