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Exploration of key relationships between depression, anxiety and divine discontent presenting in clients.


5PointsCourse description

Unpacking Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR): A deeper look at what it is to be truly holding UPR, and the implications of our own bias. This course looks further into the Rogerian condition of UPR, with an invitation to journey into a deeper more personal exploration of how we might bring our best efforts at understanding and holding this space, for self and other. There's more to it than being friendly and non-critical.

Descriptions for each module within the UPR course:
Module 1 – What is unconditional Positive Regard…to be in complete acceptance, positive regard which is unconditional is not as easy as it sounds 
Module 2 – What it is not...a look at judgement in all it's subtleties and the implications for self and other
Module 3 – Know thyself... an exploration of bias and value judgments
Module 4 – Alignment to a greater truth...nurturance of all life 
Module 5 – A guided process of Self Acceptance recorded live at a recent workshop

Duration: approximately 4 hours
Format: Video
CPD Points: 5

Online Course: AUD$240 + GST

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