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Key Personnel in Our Organisation

Dr Elinor van Ommen

elinorphotoElinor is a Clinical Psychologist with a strong interest in personal growth and self-transcendence. Elinor is known for being a compassionate professional who holds a safe space for personal exploration. Elinor is  passionate about working with people who are inspired to do better and be better, and who desire to be authentic both with themselves and in all their relationships. Elinor believes that the field of psychology has much to offer across all stages of life, from moments of distress and despair through to less acute but significant questions of meaning, purpose, and reaching potential.  Elinor’s therapeutic focus is to understand the whole person, not just a collection of symptoms, and to help people identify and transcend unhelpful patterns that keep them feeling ‘stuck’. 

Elinor completed Doctoral training in psychology as an adult after a history of work in music therapy and other helping professions.  She has a strong interest in personal growth, interpersonal relationships and human behaviour. Elinor has worked in specialist mental health clinics in Melbourne and Perth working with acute presentations and in ongoing longer-term group therapy programmes. Elinor has also trained and worked in education and aged care.  Elinor now works primarily in private practice and also in research exploring the role of spiritual mindfulness in psychology, growth and wellbeing.

Elinor’s qualifications include: BA in Social Sciences (Psych major), and Honours degree (first class) in Applied Science, Psychology.  Elinor completed her Doctorate in Clinical Psychology, researching the effectiveness of an online intervention to support families  and teens with chronic illness. Elinor is also a board approved Clinical supervisor, a member of the Australian Psychological Society and the College of Clinical Psychologists.

Linda Koen


Linda has been self employed for the past 20 years in the field of personal development by way of self transformation and holistic counselling. She has also worked and flourished under the pressures of being a legal secretary and enjoyed the care, compassion and confidentiality required to be practice manager for a general practitioner. As the head, heart and soul of Source Centre®, Linda continues developing self healing programs, delivering courses and workshops, and is currently delivering a Diploma of Transformational Holistic Counselling Course which was developed over many years.

Linda brings a wealth of experience to her work, especially her insight into human behaviour, communication skills and commitment to continuous improvement and group harmony. She is known for her patience, sharing perspectives and overall hope, while encouraging all to step more into actualising their potential and living a life of love and wisdom. She has the ability to hold a space of non-judgment for clients to explore the depths of their feelings and issues.

Linda's qualifications include a Bachelor of Social Science (Social Welfare) from Charles Sturt University, a Graduate Certificate in Loss, Grief and Trauma Counselling from Flinders University, an Advanced Diploma of Management, Diploma of Counselling, Certificate IV's in Holistic Counselling and Mind-Body Medicine, Mentoring and Coaching, Small Business Management, Governance and Training and Assessment.

Having worked one on one and in face to face group settings for many years, Linda feels it is time to expand further in sharing her 20+ years of experience beyond face-to-face workshops. This project translates her unique perspective into a format that can reach therapists and practitioners who stand to receive immense benefit, both professionally and personally.

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