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Holistic Self Esteem - HSE4

3pointsSelf-Esteem is often recognised at the core of many client concerns, but seldom is it clearly understood or deeply appreciated. Working at the symptom level we often see clients return with similar issues at a later date when there is actually an underlying problem in a core self-esteem. In reality we could all do to examine our self esteem as we grow and change on our own path of self-actualisation.
In this course we invite the therapist to engage for themselves, and gain an understanding of our experiential approach toward deepening self-acceptance. This course is offered in 3 modules:

Module 1. Self Esteem and Self Acceptance - Unconditional acceptance of self, as a choice point and a commitment.
Module 2. The 4 cornerstones of Holistic Self Esteem – a new model for understanding self esteem.
Module 3. Managing Self-Esteem in the real world – even with family and difficult relationships.

Duration: approximately 3 hours
Format: Video
CPD Points: 3

Online Course: AUD$200 + GST

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