Psychology & Spirituality

Exploration of key relationships between depression, anxiety and divine discontent presenting in clients.


Looking beyond the biopsychosocial model we explore what it is to be fully whole, integrated – body, mind, emotions and spirit.

Unconditional Positive Regard

Unpacking Unconditional Positive Regard (UPR): A deeper look at what it is to be truly holding UPR, and the implications of our own bias...


beyond baths and scented candles

Therapist self-care is a vital part of best-practice and also an ethical responsibility....

Holistic Self Esteem

A new approach for clients

Self-Esteem is often recognised at the core of many client concerns, but seldom is it clearly understood or deeply appreciated...

Continuing Professional Development

For Psychologists, Counsellors and those in the helping professions.

Professional Development for Counsellors and Psychologists

Wholeness Training is a place for professional development for counsellors and psychologists serving Australia and internationally.  It is a joint venture between Linda Koen and Elinor van Ommen as counsellor and psychologist, both of whom are earnest in their engagement in ongoing personal growth and deepening integrity.

We have arrived at very similar work from quite different training grounds, and were drawn into partnership by a mutual desire to contribute to our fields.  We are excited by the opportunity to fill some of the ‘gaps’ that we found in our formal training.  Coming from universities in Adelaide and Melbourne and across various professional settings, we both noticed that the best of our training still omitted serious exploration of overarching concerns such as meaning and connection - of spirituality. Independent research revealed that a considerable body of literature relating spirituality to therapeutic work is generally overlooked, or not well accepted in training programs.  We wondered how, as therapists we could counsel clients where spirituality was an important part of their life if it was not referred to or taught in our training and therefore not in our awareness or competence.

Questions of death, life, meaning and purpose are common in therapy, and it’s difficult to imagine thoroughly engaging in the therapeutic process whilst refusing to entertain these issues and the importance of a spiritual framework to the vast majority of the population. Furthermore, research has questioned the therapeutic value of attempting to assist a human being whilst neglecting to (or refusing to) acknowledge the very essence of their nature as part of the assessment and intervention approach. Therapists (even those who do not believe in, or experience a spiritual life) must surely hold an ethical responsibility to at least be willing to engage when clients open up conversations in this area of the human experience.

Elinor and Linda combine their many years of professional and practical life experience of being committed to actualised potential on a human and soul (spiritual) level,  and are excited to make available to therapists, that which has been a missing piece of therapeutic work. These courses offer unique self-exploration and self-care practices that, when applied consistently, dramatically improve self-awareness. Wholeness Training also offers practical tools that can be applied to greatly reduce compassion fatigue and general burnout. Wholeness Training presents a truly unique consideration of therapist authenticity and personal growth and the powerful cascade into more effective treatment.

Professional Development Made Simple